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Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

Best 10 Tips for Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

Maintaining a Spinelli Ring
Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

Jewelry known as “Spinelli rings” is made out of bands made of precious metals and stones that interlock. Depending on your preference, they can be worn over numerous fingers or on a single finger. The Los Angeles-based company Spinelli Kilcollin uses materials that are ethically and recycled to make their spinelli rings.

In addition to being elegant and adaptable, Spinelli rings are also strong and low maintenance. To keep them in good shape and avoid damage, they do require some maintenance, just like any other piece of jewelry. Ten pointers for Maintaining a Spinelli Ring are as follows:

10 Tips for Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

Tip 1: Clean your ring regularly

One of the most important tips for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to clean it regularly. Dirt, dust, oil, and sweat can accumulate on your ring and affect its shine and appearance. To clean your ring, you can use a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Gently rub the ring with the cloth and rinse it with warm water. Dry it with another soft cloth or a hairdryer on low heat. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the crevices and stones of your ring. Avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the metal and the stones.

Tip 2: Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives

Another tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to keep it away from abrasives and strong chemicals. Ammonia, vinegar, baking soda, bleach, chlorine, and saltwater are a few examples of these. These materials have the potential to tarnish, discolor, or corrode your ring’s metal and stones. Before re-putting your ring on, take it off and give yourself a good cleaning if you must use any of these products. If you want to shield your ring from unintentional contact, you can also wear gloves.

Tip 3: Store your ring properly

A third tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is when you are not wearing it, to store it appropriately. Tangles, dents, and scratches may be avoided in this way. Ideally, your ring should be kept in a jewelry box with a separate compartment or a soft pouch. To shield your ring from moisture and dust, you can also wrap it in tissue paper or gentle cloth. Your ring may get scratched or damaged if it is stored with other jewelry, especially if the accompanying jewelry is sharper or harder than your ring. To keep your ring visible and handy, you can also use a ring holder or jewelry organizer.

Tip 4: Inspect your ring for signs of wear and tear

A fourth tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to inspect it for signs of wear and tear. This can help you identify any issues or problems that need to be fixed or repaired. Some of the signs of wear and tear that you should look for are:

  • Loose or missing stones
  • Bent or broken bands
  • Cracked or chipped enamel
  • Dull or faded color
  • Scratches or dents
  • Discoloration or tarnish

You should take your jewelry to a qualified jeweler right away if you observe any of these symptoms (Maintaining a Spinelli Ring). They can determine the state of your ring and offer the required treatments, like resizing, polishing, cleaning, mending, or replacing.

Tip 5: Have your ring serviced by a professional

A fifth tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to have it serviced by a professional jeweler at least once a year. This can help ensure that your ring is in optimal condition and prevent any major issues or damage. A professional jeweler can perform the following services for your ring:

  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Resizing and adjusting
  • Repairing and replacing
  • Engraving and personalizing
  • Appraising and insuring

If you have any queries or worries concerning your ring, you can also get in touch with the Spinelli Kilcollin customer service department. They can provide you with further details and advice on how to take care of your ring as well as point you in the direction of a reliable jeweler in your area.

Maintaining a Spinelli Ring
Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

Tip 6: Remove your ring when doing certain activities

A sixth tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is should take it off before engaging in any activities that can endanger or harm it. These pursuits may consist of:

  • Swimming, bathing, or showering
  • Cooking, cleaning, or gardening
  • Exercising, playing sports, or doing yoga
  • Applying lotion, perfume, or makeup
  • Sleeping or napping

Your ring may stay cleaner, dry, and undamaged if you take it off before engaging in these activities (Maintaining a Spinelli Ring). Moreover, it can stop it from being misplaced, stolen, or gone. While your ring is not being worn, make sure it is kept in a safe and secure location.

Tip 7: Adjust your ring size if needed

A seventh tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to adjust your ring size if needed. Your ring size can change over time due to factors such as weight gain or loss, temperature, humidity, or pregnancy. If your ring becomes too loose or too tight, you should have it resized by a professional jeweler. Wearing a ring that does not fit properly can cause discomfort, irritation, or injury. It can also increase the risk of losing or damaging your ring. You can use a ring sizer or a ring size chart to measure your ring size and determine if you need to adjust it.

Tip 8: Mix and match your ring with other jewelry

An eighth tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to combine it with different pieces of jewelry. This can help you display your individuality and taste by enabling you to create several looks and designs with your ring. Your ring goes well with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from Spinelli Kilcollin. Additionally, you can pair your ring with pieces of jewelry from other designers, such as David Yurman, Cartier, or Tiffany & Co. To create a distinctive and gorgeous style, try experimenting with different combinations of metals, stones, colors, and shapes.

Tip 9: Follow the brand’s guidelines and recommendations

A ninth tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is should abide by the advice and instructions provided by the brand. You may discover further pointers and guidance on how to maintain the condition of your ring in the section dedicated to ring care on the Spinelli Kilcollin website. For additional details and styling ideas on how to wear and style your ring, you can also visit the brand’s blog. Additionally, you may follow Spinelli on social media to see how other users and famous people are wearing their rings. If you have any inquiries or comments concerning your ring, you can also get in touch with the brand’s customer support representatives.

Tip 10: Enjoy your ring and express your style

A tenth and final tip for maintaining a Spinelli ring is to admire your ring and flaunt your style. Your ring can reveal a lot about your personality, tastes, and emotional condition. You are free to wear it whenever, when, and as you like. You can wear it on one finger or multiple fingers, depending with your desire.

You might wear it with or without additional jewelry, depending on what else you’re wearing. Wearing it informally or formally depends on the situation. You can express your love, friendship, or self-love by wearing it. You can wear it as a reminder of your goals, successes, or significant anniversaries. You can effect change, stand out, or have an impact by wearing it. You might wear it to make a statement or to express your sense of style and identity.

Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

Pros and Cons of Spinelli Rings

They are beautiful and versatileThey are expensive and exclusive
They are durable and easy to care forThey can get scratched or damaged
They are made from recycled and ethically sourced materialsThey can be hard to find or order
They are customizable and personalizableThey can be hard to resize or adjust
They are unique and originalThey can be hard to match or style
Maintaining a Spinelli Ring

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What is a Spinelli Ring?

A Spinelli Ring is a type of jewelry designed by Spinelli Kilcollin, a luxury brand based in Los Angeles. A Spinelli Ring consists of two or more interlocking bands that can be worn stacked on one finger or spread across multiple fingers.

How do I clean my Spinelli Ring?

You can clean your Spinelli Ring with a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, or ultrasonic cleaners that may damage the metal or the stones. You can also take your ring to a professional jeweler for periodic cleaning and inspection.

How do I store my Spinelli Ring?

To keep your Spinelli Ring from tangles or scratches from other jewelry, put it in a different pouch or box. An organizer for your jewelry that has separate spaces for each ring is another option. Avoid exposing your ring to heat, dampness, or direct sunlight.

How do I resize my Spinelli Ring?

You can resize your Spinelli Ring by contacting Spinelli Kilcollin customer service or visiting one of their authorized retailers. They will provide you with a ring sizer and instructions on how to measure your finger. You can then send your ring back to them for resizing, which may take up to 4 weeks and incur a fee depending on the complexity of the ring.

How do I customize my Spinelli Ring? 

Crafting your distinctive Spinelli Ring is a personalized journey where you have the freedom to select from a diverse range of metals, stones, and styles. Elevate your creativity by mixing and matching different rings to curate a combination that reflects your unique taste. Explore their online collection or reach out for a tailored consultation to bring your bespoke vision to life.

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